Headaches - take the edge off

How to get the best from Outback Oil for headaches

While there are very clear directions on the label, here are a few extra tips and hints to get the best out of the product.

  1.  Low level and persistent headache, and even neck aches, can distract you from your work and make life a chore. Outback Oil can be used to relieve the pain associated with headache, when the underlying issue is tightness of the neck and shoulder muscles.

  1.  You can use Outback Oil up to 4 times a day (or more) without any side effects and if your pain is chronic you may want to apply it this many times, for the first week. But remember just a small amount, until it is massaged into the skin. As a general rule, if it doesn't massage all the way in within 20 seconds you've probably applied too much.

  1.  Apply a small amount of oil and massage into your shoulders and the neck area,, If you have long hair, tie it up out of the way first. Massage the oil until fully absorbed and then gently wipe over with a paper towel or wet wipe before putting your hair back down. Now you can go about your day without concerns for pain. Repeat this procedure before going to bed, to enjoy a great nights sleep, free from pain.

  1.  And most importantly, remember that Outback Oil is completely natural and has no known side effects and also no known contraindications, meaning it can be used in conjunction with your current medications. You don't have to go off or modify anything you are currently taking (unless you choose to do so in the future) at which time any changes to any medications should be in consultation with the doctor.


Enjoy the Outback Oil and remember that as well as headache and neck pain, you can also use this wonderful product for arthritis painback painplantar fasciitisbursitis, and any other undiagnosed muscle or joint pain issues, especially where inflammation is the cause.