About Us

The Outback Company (Australia) is very proud to be the manufacturer and marketer of one of Australia's most iconic natural pain relief products.

Outback Pain Relief Oil is a product that dates back to 2004 when, in its original form, it was marketed under the brand name of Elmore Oil. Elmore Oil was first invented by Ralph Linford, from the small central victorian town of Elmore, and still exists today under that name, but in 2010 the product was also rebranded for the American market and sold under the name of Outback Pain Relief Oil. Today it is one of the biggest selling topical pain relievers on Amazon in North America, with more than 20 million bottles sold in an array of pack sizes.

Outback Oil is now also available in China, Singapore, South Korea and the Philippines and with almost 20 years experience in the pain relief business we know what you want, and it is often what others forget to deliver.

Most people just want a product that does what it claims, delivered on time and supported with a no tricks, no questions asked guarantee - and that’s what we deliver, day in day out.

Browse our site and read about Outback Oil and the wonderful benefits it can bring you. It is our only product, so we live and breathe it every day of our lives and we hope you can come to experience the wonderful benefits it can bring you, including relief from muscle and joint pain, a better nights sleep, freedom from twitching and aching legs, together with restful breathing.

We don’t believe in those nasty pop-ups that you find on other sites and we are a bit low key in the selling department. We believe if you have a genuine need for our product you will give it a try - after all, you can’t lose with us, because we guarantee everything for 365 days from the date you buy it. So, we let you make the choices at your own pace.

We hope to help you today.


Yours in good health,

The Outback Oil Team
Gold Coast, Australia

"Outback Oil - based in nature, backed by science"