Outback Pain Relief Oil - 7 Day Pack
Outback Pain Relief Oil - 7 Day Pack

Outback Pain Relief Oil - 7 Day Pack

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The OUTBACK 7 DAY PACK is a super convenient travel pack, containing 7 easy to use sachets, which contain the oil inside on a towellete. Simply open the sachet pack remove the towelette and wipe onto the painful area to apply the oil.

If you have joint pain, muscle pain or sciatic pain Outback Pain Relief Oil can start to relieve the pain after just one application. Just apply, massage in for 20 seconds and its done. Apply 2-4 times a day or as often as desired.

Natural Pain Relief Oil containing Eucalyptus Oil (for pain relief) and Tea Tree Oil (for anti inflammatory action). Comes in a convenient 50ml roll-on bottle.

Real Relief:  does NOT trick your pain sensors with hot or cold sensations. It reduces the inflammation, so you feel great without the gimmicks.

Long Lasting: The relief can last up to six hours and it's all natural, so you can use it as often as necessary.

Multiple Indications: This topical pain relief oil is chosen by sufferers of neuropathy, sciatica, plantar fasciitis, arthritis, fibromyalgia and for general aches and pains.

Natural Aroma: Outback has a natural vanilla and eucalyptus scent, so you can enjoy your day without smelling like chemicals.

100% Guarantee: If you don't love it, you'll get your money back right away, so order now with confidence.

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